David Vintage is thrilled to announce that we are official sponsors of the Hantz Foundation’s Timber Trot 5K and Planting Day 2016.

The Hantz Foundation has utilized Planting Day for three years now as an opportunity to bring people from all walks of life together around the common goal of beautifying the East Side neighborhood commonly referred to as the Hantz Woodlands—from Mack to Jefferson and Van Dyke to St. Jean. A new addition this year, the Timber Trot 5K is a unique opportunity for folks to explore Detroit’s East Side on foot while supporting the Hantz Foundation’s programs with the students of nearby Southeastern High School.


David Vintage believes that the future of the City of Detroit lies in its neighborhoods, and that its through meaningful, community-based programs such as those the Hantz Foundation operates at Southeastern H.S., that we can ensure the long-term prosperity of our communities. We are proud to support the Hantz Foundation’s efforts to enhance the lives of the residents and future entrepreneurs of Detroit one square mile at a time.

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