David Vintage Presents: ‘Spring Season 1’

These past few months have been full of exciting developments for us here at David Vintage: First, for those of you who weren’t able to join us at All Things Detroit earlier this month, David Vintage released our ‘Spring Season 1’ line. This line expands upon our classic 5-panel strapback with an assortment of men’s and woman’s streetwear and outerwear. Make a statement with our “Detroit Never Left” and “Detroit Is Back” T’s, show your sense of style with our hand-distressed “Gym Shirt,” or play it safe with our heritage hoodie—a light long-sleeve option that is perfect for a brisk spring morning or chilly summer night. Also on offer, David Vintage signature T’s, totes, and our newly-renamed 5-panel strapback Woodbridge hats.




Second, we’re now members of Detroit Garment Group. DGG is a TechTown-based collaborative of Detroit-based designers and businesspeople working to make the city a destination for fashion and design. This is an up-and-coming group and we’re super excited to be a part of building a vibrant, revitalized fashion industry in Detroit. Check us out on their members page.


Finally, we have a new website! Go ahead, explore to your heart’s content. Beyond our new products and storefront, you’ll find some background on who we are and where we come from—and where we aim to go in the future. We’re off to a big start in 2016 and can’t wait to share with you what’s up next. Stay tuned for our Fall ’16 line release, and more.

David Vintage Red Tote

Classic Navy Tee